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The Stepping Out Program

The clinical mental health needs of children and their families in New Mexico and around the world are vast.  There are not enough mental health clinicians to meet the mental health treatment needs of these children and their families.   Therefore, Small Steps launched two concepts to extend the reach of child therapists to help meet the needs of rural New Mexico, international and local populations.

Small Steps International

The first concept blossomed into a sole and separate non-profit: Small Steps International.  The first purpose of Small Steps International is to meet the clinical treatment needs of children and their families in rural New Mexico where very few services exist.  The second purpose is to provide mental health education and mental health assessment to parents and caregivers in poverty stricken areas of the world; this has begun in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Below you will find a summary of the work Small Steps International is doing.  For further information and how you can donate, participate and support the work of Small Steps International please click on this link:

Rural New Mexico: The Jemez Valley

Community members of  the Jemez Valley in New Mexico no longer have to travel to the city to find a licensed counselor. Small Steps currently provides infant mental health and family therapy services through home visiting, and adult and child counseling at the Jemez Springs Presbyterian Church.

In Jemez Springs, Small Steps is available to counsel people of all ages and accepts most health insurances for coverage of care.  If you would like more information or to make an appointment to meet with a therapist in Jemez Springs, please contact us or call (505)933-4639.


“Mental health work is highly needed in Haiti and no one is there to provide it, (except for some highly priced counselors providing therapy to the upper class).  Thank you for coming to Haiti, we need the work that you do”- Haitian Consulate.


The vision of Small Steps International (SSI) is to provide education and training for the adult caretakers of abandoned, neglected and/or traumatized children in countries that cannot afford mental health counseling for their children all over the world.

Each year twice a year,  a team from SSI travels to Haiti to provide mental health support to the children and their caregivers at local orphanages and Maranatha Ministries preschool. This mental health intervention is applied by educating caregivers in practical techniques and information that could help their children heal from trauma and develop healthier psychological functioning, as well as, training the leaders, orphanage staff, and preschool staff how they can meet the individual emotional and mental health needs of the children in their care.

Stepping Out Program

Small Steps is committed to helping child mental health therapists learn, develop, and achieve their dreams, in order to, increase the number of well trained child mental health therapists in New Mexico.  To learn more about this program and how you can utilize the support of Small Steps to become a child mental health therapist and launch out on your own click here: Stepping Out